Tim Ferriss: How To Blog Without Killing Yourself

by Mark Shilensky

Part of the sign of someone who works “smarter” rather then “harder” is that they are always looking at what works for other people and then sees how they can integrate that into their lifestyle.

While I’m not necessarily a proponent of Tim Ferriss’ Four-Hour Work Week philosophy, I like the core tennent which is “consider anything that you don’t enjoy doing ‘Work’ and try and eliminate it”.

This video is from earlier this year of Tim speaking at the San Francisco WordCamp, and is his complete talk entitled “How to Blog Without Killing Yourself”. After you watch the video, you may want to take advantage of some of the links below to the things Tim references throughout the video.

After watching this video, I have a new understanding of time management, especially as it comes to my blog.

If you’d like to read the entire entry on Tim’s blog, CLICK HERE, there are some great comments there as well.

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